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John Prantalos

a.k.a Pandorian

Department:Computer Engineering

Software Engineer, cyclist and wannabe data analyst. From Greece with ❤

E-mail: johnprantalos@gmail.com
Website: https://johnprantalos.gr


DaaM - Crowdhackathon Insurance 2016

DaaM is a driving analysis and monetization platform for car insurance companies and car owners as well.

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DSGos is an experiment from some of the DSG members. It is an unofficial project and will remain unofficial until we have something working to present.

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DSG Website

Build on top of Jekyll and hosted on Github Pages the DSG website is a simple blog-aware static site, where you can find all the info you want about the DSG Team, its projects and news.

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Eco Driving Analysis

The thesis is currently under development/research. More information will be published when it will be completed

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Food4Charity - Battlehack Athens 2015

Food4Charity is a platform for suspended food purchase, DSG built for the Battlehack Athens 2015.

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Is this licensed - Koding Hacksummit 2016

A web application for those who want to see if a photo is licensed. Delevoped by the DSG team for the Koding Hacksummit 2016 Hackathon.

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DSG Wins the first place at Crowdhackathon Insurance

DSG Team took part in this weekend’s Crowdhackathon #insurance. Little we knew, the DaaM platform they built was the one that won the 1st place and the 2000€ prize.

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DSG Open Day Aftermath

Last Thursday the DSG Team organized an Open Day for anyone interested to come and learn more about the team, its projects and purpose. In this post we go back in time and see what happened there.

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Photoshop Workshop Aftermath

In last Thursday’s Photoshop Workshop presented by Thanasis Lilis and George Karabelas we learnt how to create 2D Graphics, edit various photos and retouch our own pictures to make them clearer and better.

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