DSG Team


George Karabelas

a.k.a Crazy George

Department:Computer Engineering

Programmer, Graphic Designer, 3D Modeler and Animator

E-mail: thecrazyartists@gmail.com
Website: http://crazycreators.newgrounds.com/


DSG Logo

The post-2014 logo of the Decision Systems Group we are using, designed by George Karabelas.


Through Equations Physics 101

The goal of this project is to combine entertainment, learning and increase problem-solving skills of the player/student through a series of riddles and mini-games that take place in a simulated environment that represents real life.



Photoshop Workshop Aftermath

In last Thursday’s Photoshop Workshop presented by Thanasis Lilis and George Karabelas we learnt how to create 2D Graphics, edit various photos and retouch our own pictures to make them clearer and better.

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