DSG Team


Charis Dimos

Department:Computer Engineering

E-mail: dharris.hd@gmail.com


Is this licensed - Koding Hacksummit 2016

A web application for those who want to see if a photo is licensed. Delevoped by the DSG team for the Koding Hacksummit 2016 Hackathon.

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Jekyll Editor

A simple editor for the DSG jekyll based website

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Python Part 2 Workshop Aftermath

Last Thursday we returned to Python with a workshop presented by Charis Dimos, the presenter of the original Python Workshop and guest presenter Petros Douveas, to see some more advanced features and techniques we can use with Python.

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Python Workshop Aftermath

As the second DSG workshop is now history, it is time to see an aftermath of the Python workshop, organized by Charis Dimos.

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