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Decision Systems Group is a research group of the University of Applied Sciences of Central Greece.

The group performs basic research in the fields of Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining and Decision Support Systems with applications to microcontroller solutions, software developing and various every-day life hacks.

The aim of DSG is to provide the ways for collaboration between any student of the University of Applied Sciences of Central Greece, that has interest in these areas.

The group is supervised by professors Stavros A. Karkanis and Vaggelis Spyrou. You can see the whole team, by clicking here .

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or sent an email at dsg@teiste.gr

Meet the team

DSG is a student powered group. Its identity is formed from the research and projects made by its volunteer students.

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Becoming a member of DSG means that you will be able to develop your own project, or become a part of a bigger existing one.

Here's the list of the projects we have already made and you can continue working on, or take ideas and come to us with your own.

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What's New

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